Zeds Dead in Denver | Artist Feature

Zeds Dead film from Nov. 18-19th is up! More info coming soon.


Feed Me | Artist Feature

This Song Is Sick  had us come out to cover Feed Me the other night–sold out at the Fox. People were getting crazy, dancing all over the place, so the footage was pretty rowdy. Lot’s of slow motion and crowd in there–as Feed Me has a distinctly reserved style on-stage.

Odd Future | Music Photography

Odd Future at the Fox on Saturday night was nuts. After what has seemed to be a hip hop dry spell for the last few months, Boulder needed it. These guys are top notch entertainers. Constantly interacting with the audience and each other, laughing, improvising–it was a well rounded, entertaining and DIRTY set. True to their style, they spent a good amount of the show out in the crowd.

When they weren’t egging people on by asking about frat parties or counting how many black people were in the room (14, i think they decided), they were coaxing people into getting rowdy. At one point, everyone on-stage (and some kids on the side balconies) jumped into the center dance floor. The bouncers couldn’t possibly handle all of it. It was ridiculous.

I’ve never seen security work so hard to keep things under control. They were running around trying to keep people from stage diving the whole set. Things were so crowded on-stage and up front–I kept off to the side most of the time, trying to keep it all framed up on a 24-70mm.

A kid on the balcony threw his pack of cigarettes to Tyler early on in his set.

Tyler gave them back before heading down to the green room.

These guys will undoubtedly be back, and they’ll be welcomed with by a sold out crowd. Next time, probably at the Boulder Theatre. It’s not often a band comes through (for their first time?) and creates such a buzz. Everyone i talked to about the show was beaming with pride. People will be bragging about being at this one for a minute.

Datsik | Music Photography

Datsik came through Boulder the other night and for the first time in a while I got to take some photos just for fun. The show had sold out pre-sale and while we hadn’t been booked for the night, I couldn’t help but take the opportunity to shoot something without any pressure to deliver. This is something that sounds trivial until you realize you haven’t done it in months.

I guess casual shooting a bit immediately reminded me where things started–at the fox, with one lens, one body and almost zero light where you want it, when you want it. This is the struggle of the music photographer but I gotta say it makes things more interesting in a way. Where now a days, on a pay job, I’ll be lining the place with flashes and coordinating with the lighting technician, but then again, that’s not always doable. Sometimes you don’t get to go to any length to get the shot, and instead it’s simply about being at the right place at the right time and doing your part. I’ve gotta have my settings dialed and have my focused locked at that split second that the lighting guy is actually awake and hope it comes out right. This is not an easy place to be for someone that is expected to deliver something special to a client but for the casual shoot it’s a great way to challenge yourself.

I don’t think I ended up with anything exceptional–a few good moments for blog content maybe. But there’s something about going through the motions and just enjoying the process that I tend to miss in my pay work. It’s nice to shoot without having to get wrapped up in the results. When there are budgets on the line and release dates to make, there’s not as much room for stopping to smell the roses. A refreshing night!

Thanks for listening.

Skywalkerr | Artist Feature

Last week we covered DJ Skywalkerr’s performance at the Fox and as you can see IT WAS ROWDY! This was his first time at the venue and the SOLD OUT crowd loved him. Check out more from Skywalker on Facebook and Soundcloud.

And download his newest release that is featured in the video, “Gucci Gucii“, for FREE!

New Youtube Channel Is Now Up | News

New Youtube Channel

We have launched a little Youtube channel if you wan’t to check it out or subscribe. It looks like the site will be further infiltrating our workflow so we’re gonna try to go with it.

The channel will likely serve as a way to round up our Youtube works, since we will be encouraging clients to use their accounts for the upload. This means most of our work will be under “Favorites”. Currently we have some cool stuff up so check it out if you get a chance.

Andrew Wickes | Portrait Photography

Earlier this summer, we caught up with our friend Andrew Wickes for a press shoot before his set at Colorado’s Electric Daisy Carnival. We had a lot of fun hanging with Andrew at our Boulder studio and even got to do some trekking around in the woods with him for the shot above.

We’ll keep posting some of our favorites from the shoot as Andrew uses the images but for now go check some of his jungle beats on Beatport, like his new single out on Fever Sound Record, “El Chingon”.